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Chiropodist - Podiatrist
what do they mean?//

The term Chiropodist has been used in the UK for many years but not in in other countries. Podiatrist, is though, internationally known and increasingly practitioners in the UK prefer to use this title to keep continuity with colleagues abroad and their published research and working knowledge.

Chiropodist and Podiatrist are, by law, fully protected titles. To be able to use these titles you must be HCPC registered.

Using a Chiropodist - Podiatrist?

Everyone can benefit from a visit. It is really important to have your feet health checked regularly by a Chiropodist - Podiatrist.


A visit at least once a year for those with healthy feet and if your feet are painful or uncomfortable, if you find self care difficult or if you are high risk (diabetics, rheumatoid conditions, anyone with poor circulation and sensation), your Chiropodist - Podiatrist can advise a series of treatments to keep on top of any problems they find.

If you feel you have a foot problem, large or small, please don't hesitate to make an appointment to have it checked.

Some of the services
we provide //


Just like people, your feet are unique so every treatment is tailored specifically for you.

•    Treatment of painful nails and skin
•    Ingrowing Nail Treatment (Onyclip)
•    Removal of corns and callous
•    Tailor made padding for your comfort.
•    Taping and strapping for short term support and relief from sprains & strains
•    Plantar Faciitis and heel pain
•    Biomechanical Assessments & Orthotics
•    Foot health and foot wear advice
•    High risk and Diabetic foot health assessment

•    Klenz Footwear Sterilisation - eradicates bacteria, fungi and problem microbes

   Various Methods of Verruca treatment – including Cryospray 59 (freezing)

•   Manipulation & Mobilisation Foot Therapy, Ankle & Knee - restores joint mobility

•   Kinesiology Tape (Balance or K Taping)

    improves performance and movement following injury or muscle pain

•   Homeopathic Marigold Therapy – used to treat various foot aliments

Other therapies //

@ 41 Templehill we don’t just treat your feet, other therapies available:

Some simple suggestions for maintaining
healthy feet //

• Clean feet regularly with gentle washing

• Dry between toes after washing with a clean towel and keep dry

• Apply cream daily being careful to avoid between the toes

• Try to wear comfortable, well fitted, sensible shoes most of the time

• Hard skin is best dealt with by a daily routine of filing and applying cream

• Painful corns are best treated by the Podiatrist

• Cut nails straight across, don’t cut down the sides, file away any sharp edges

• Don’t self treat painful nails, this needs professional treatment

• Avoid using medicated corn plasters, there is a risk of burns from strong acids

• The best socks to wear are cotton rich, 60% or more cotton