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Alisdair Reid | D.S.Ch. M. Inst. Pod L.F. Hom (Pod)


​Chiropodist & Homeopathic Podiatrist


I have been in practice in Troon since 1993 and at my current premises in Templehill since 1999. I continue to attend lectures and seminars on a regular basis in order to keep up to date with modern techniques and to extend my scope of practice. I have a particular interest in podiatric homeopathy. As former vice-chairman of the Institute of Chiropodist and Podiatrists, one of the professions governing bodies, I seek to serve the profession, our members and the public. I’m also the former IoCP liaison officer to Diabetes UK. I enjoy cycling to keep fit, gardening and cooking.

Lesley Calder | B.T.A.A. B.A (UK) E.C.B.S.


Bowen Therapist


I qualified in 2007 and have been practicing Human Bowen Therapy since then. continuing with my CDP's on a yearly basis, I have gained valuable knowledge of advanced Bowen Therapy moves and the latest thinking on the advancement of Bowen Therapy. I'm also a fully qualified Equine Bowen Therapist and have a growing list of equines that I visit to treat from Ayrshire to Argyll.

Bowen is a complementary therapy that works over muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia to re- align and balance the body, human or equine. It has an excellent track record in helping relieve many symptoms that traditional medicine and therapies have failed to help. Please call 07776 099876 for an appointment.